Welcome to the website of ANDY THOMAS, one of Britain's most prolific authors and lecturers on unexplained mysteries and global cover-ups. The site gives news on Andy and his live presentations, along with details of his acclaimed book THE TRUTH AGENDA - now available in a third, expanded and updated edition, and also a specific US version - along with other works including his latest title CONSPIRACIES.



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Why do so many people now believe in conspiracy theories, and what is the evidence to support them?

What is the real meaning of the many prophecies which say that we are now in a 'New Era' of massive changes?

Why is there such huge but officially undeclared interest in paranormal phenomena from authorities and religions?

How does all of this tie together and explain the growing agenda of control and surveillance in the West?

THE TRUTH AGENDA has been hailed as one of the best overviews available of all these areas and more and is now available in an updated and expanded third edition. This website gives information on the book itself and on Andy Thomas and his activities. 


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'An essential guide to the many mysteries, global cover-ups and prophecies of 21st century life'
Kindred Spirit magazine
'A truly outstanding book ... essential reading for all who retain the power of critical thought'
Ian R Crane, founder of The Alternative View